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About Us

Alfabed, one of the leading Turkish mattress companies, is located in Kayseri with an annual production capacity of 35,000 mattresses. Kayseri has a global reputation in maintaining the optimal infrastructure for the manufacturers of the mattress and home textile industry by providing the ability to easily reach the best raw material, production machines, qualified and experienced employees and the unique industrial know-how.

We procure our raw materials directly from the top-line suppliers such as Boyteks (, Form Foam Company (  and Boyçelik Springs (

Alfabed guarantees its production amount and quality in any case to be 24/7 ready for any big scale sales or tailor-made productions for the global markets. We currently have seven warehouses located in Köln, Hoffenbach, Raunheim, Flörsheim, Mannheim and Essen. Our company achieves sustainable stock management and serves through an effective logistic network via invoices issued by its local office in Germany.

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