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Bamboo Comfort Memory Foam Pillow
  • Bamboo Comfort Memory Foam Pillow

    Health is your treasure. "Bamboo Comfort", prepared by considering your health, takes the shape of your head and neck, provides support to the spine, and helps your body to rest. The cover gives you the feeling of freshness you want because of its high moisture absorption feature. "Bamboo Comfort" will allow you to wake up healthy for each new day.

    • Air Holes Technology

      It provides 5 times better air circulation due to its perforated structure. By balancing humidity and heat perfectly, it increases your comfort of sleep.

    • Memory Foam

      "Memory Foam", which takes shape according to body temperature and weight, is very functional and orthopedic as it is able to remember the body structure of the user. It is highly resistant to bacteria, germs, and mold growth.

    • Bamboo Pillow Cases

      Bamboo fabric surface not only allows your pillow to breathe but also helps it evaporate by absorbing moisture. In this way, it provides you a night of uninterrupted sleep.

    ₺10,000.00 Regular Price
    ₺5,000.00Sale Price

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